The Telecor XL Communication System is a microprocessor-based system that provides two-way intercom communications, full-duplex telephone communications, and a built-in Master Clock.

The system employs modular architecture to allow for easy expansion and serviceability. Because communication functions are integrated into the system via plug-in circuit cards, a system can be tailored to a facility's exact requirements. Room locations can be equipped with a variety of devices such as speakers, call-in switches, message waiting/call assurance lamps, and staff telephones.

The system provides for two-way intercom communications between control consoles and speaker stations. Direct-dial, duplex, phone-to-phone communication is also provided between staff telephones and control consoles. The channel capacity provided with the XL basic package can be expanded to accommodate additional traffic handling. Up to 20 telephonic communication paths and 3 amplified audio channels for intercom, paging, tone signaling, and audio program distribution can be provided.