GPS Tracking

NXDN Radio

Tracking vehicels or staff members is a valued resource for customer service and member safety. using lone worker function combined with GPS tracking is an invaluable resource. This will allow for effective resource location and staff member safe working enviroments. The NXDN GPS tracking allows for geo fencing and lone worker monitoring anywhere within the geographic are of your repeater system. This service can be provided at the cloud level fully supported by our staff, or at the resource level where you manage your fleet and personal.


Cellular GPS provides the same functionality of the NXDN tracking system but provides a greater geographic range. Effectively encompassing the full boundries of the North American continent given cell site signal and availability


GPS tracking via the Iridium platform provides virtually global system tracking of people, fleet, and resource material. We can provide long range gps location, and dispatch capabilities virtually anywhere a satallite signal can be reached.